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AutoCAD w/ Specialized Toolsets

With access to 7 specialized toolsets, you have more than 750,000 intelligent objects, styles, parts, features, and symbols to choose from when drawing. Designers can automate floorplans; quickly draw piping, plant equipment, or electrical panel layouts; incorporate GIS data into the planning process; edit scanned drawings and convert raster images into DWG objects all while working in a familiar AutoCAD interface.

The toolsets now included in AutoCAD offer intelligent features that will help you work faster and be more efficient. For example, by using the Architecture toolset to model a design, you'll save a significant amount of time incorporating real architectural elements such as doors, walls, and windows, instead of starting from lines and circles; creating a wall in AutoCAD requires 5 steps, whereas the same outcome in the Architecture toolset requires only 3 steps.

Now imagine how productive you could be with all of the industry-specific toolsets at your fingertips.

Autocad 2015 Overview - Video 2:17 min
Speed in document creation - Video 1:24 min
Explore 3D features - Video 1:30 min
Collaborate with cloud-based design technologies - Video 1:15 min

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